poppler::page_transition Class Reference

A transition between two pages in a PDF document. More...

#include "poppler/cpp/poppler-page-transition.h"

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  alignment_enum {
  horizontal = 0,
enum  direction_enum {
  inward = 0,
enum  type_enum {
  replace = 0,

Public Member Functions

 page_transition (const page_transition &pt)
 ~page_transition ()
alignment_enum alignment () const
int angle () const
direction_enum direction () const
int duration () const
bool is_rectangular () const
page_transitionoperator= (const page_transition &pt)
double scale () const
type_enum type () const

Detailed Description

A transition between two pages in a PDF document.

Usually shown in a presentation mode of a PDF viewer.

Member Enumeration Documentation

The alignment of a page transition.

The direction of an animation in a page transition.

The possibe types of a page transition.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

page_transition::page_transition ( const page_transition pt  ) 

Copy constructor.

page_transition::~page_transition (  ) 


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