poppler::font_iterator Class Reference

Reads the fonts in the PDF document page by page. More...

#include "poppler/cpp/poppler-font.h"

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Public Member Functions

 ~font_iterator ()
int current_page () const
bool has_next () const
std::vector< font_infonext ()

Detailed Description

Reads the fonts in the PDF document page by page.

font_iterator is the way to collect the list of the fonts used in a PDF document, reading them incrementally page by page.

A typical usage of this might look like:

poppler::font_iterator *it = doc->create_font_iterator();
while (it->has_next()) {
    std::vector<poppler::font_info> fonts = it->next();
    // do domething with the fonts
// after we are done with the iterator, it must be deleted
delete it;

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

font_iterator::~font_iterator (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

int font_iterator::current_page (  )  const
the current page
bool font_iterator::has_next (  )  const
whether the iterator has more pages to advance to
std::vector< font_info > font_iterator::next (  ) 

Returns the fonts of the current page and advances to the next one.

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