Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
poppler::documentRepresents a PDF document
poppler::embedded_fileRepresents a file embedded in a PDF document
poppler::font_infoThe information about a font used in a PDF document
poppler::font_iteratorReads the fonts in the PDF document page by page
poppler::imageA simple representation of image, with direct access to the data
poppler::pageA page in a PDF document
poppler::page_rendererSimple way to render a page of a PDF document
poppler::page_transitionA transition between two pages in a PDF document
poppler::rectangle< T >A rectangle
poppler::tocRepresents the TOC (Table of Contents) of a PDF document
poppler::toc_itemRepresents an item of the TOC (Table of Contents) of a PDF document

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